Your <select>perfect</select> onboarding experience

Dive into the company's processes & expectations and navigate through your personal growth roadmap.

<select>Uncover</select> your human potential and <select>evolve</select> professionally

- Yangol’s Mission

Find out the timeline of your employee <select>journey</select>

Navigate seamlessly through pre-boarding and onboarding. Get acquainted with your future team and company.

Sort out all formalities. <select>Hassle-free</select>

We help you to upload all required documents, guide you through company policies & checklists and facilitate a timely completion of all formalities.

Know your KPIs, OKRs and <select>grow</select>

Recognize your employer's expectations and accomplish them with key results. Be ready and prepared for your next performance review.

Proven & sustainable effect

Yangol's impact helps companies to optimize their HR processes.

Burnout prevention

Improved productivity

Reduced employee turnover rate

Enhanced company mood

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